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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our interesting life, introduction, & fighting for justice.........

I have about 4 blog entries almost complete that needs to be finished & posted, but I thought I'd give you a laugh into our crazy life from this weekend!  

As you know Friday we were blessed with new pictures of Guan Ya.  Then, we had a homecoming & football game.  At homecoming, GiGi was overwhelmed with all the people, noise, & commotion.  For the most part she did not want out of my or Dada's arms.  However, there were some little boys that kept coming back to her to "talk" to her.  GiGi loved the attention & she returned the flirts by teasing them! Yeap, DaDa & Bubba have got their hands full here!  And some boys have already been hinting they liked Guan Ya from her pictures so it's not stopping anytime soon! ha

I don't know if it's the change in weather or if there is some little something going around, but most of us here haven't felt the best this weekend so we stayed inside. 

Yesterday, GiGi continued to throw shoes in the floor - like all of them!  The first time, I said "No, No - Don't do that GiGi".  I was in a hurry so I picked them up as she just looked at me.  

The second time she threw them on the floor, I said "No, GiGi.  You cannot do that.  Come help me pick them up."  Well, she was very resistant & I used hand-over-hand to make her pick them up.  She was not happy about it this time.  
A short time later, she AGAIN throws down all the shoes in the floor.  I again (never raising my voice but getting frustrated as she completely understands) said "No, GiGi.  I've already gotten on to you.  Come pick these up." 
GiGi replied loudly "I aiiin't!  I aiiin't!"  (Yeap, I told you she was already country!)  Yeah, she yelled it twice as if the first time wasn't enough!  Well, I couldn't keep from laughing but it wasn't getting her out of picking them up.  Well, let's say I've met my match with stubbornness & G!  I just thought Macy Jade was stubborn but GiGi, she takes the cake for that prize!  It was at least a 40 min stand/stare-off between she & I.  She used several words during that time such as "No", "Quit It" (because she didn't want me to make her pick up the shoes), & of course more "I Aiiin't".  Well, after a few tears, I'll just say this........she kinda picked up one shoe so I guess I won!  In the words of George Strait, "If you'll buy that, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona."

Ahhh, can you believe that this sweet face

can be so defiant? 

 Whew, this weekend Miss G has been full of loud "No", "I Aiiin't", "Quit It", "TOOOP" (translation STOP) along with a lot of throwing herself on the ground kicking & making puddles of tears within seconds.  DaDa, Macy, or Colt will run pick her up immediately & if I'm close Miss G, yells "Maaaa"  with the biggest grin!  Yeah, she knows the tricks!  If you see me standing in Wal-Mart & I say something like "Don't touch that" & GiGi falls on the floor screaming & crying, I'll probably just stand there and watch her for a bit.  I guess I'm the bad mom, but if I immediately picked her up, I'd have these fits all day!  Trust me I know this to be fact! ha

However, when she says "Love Lu!" or says & signs things like "More Eat" or "More Milk" (yes, she is already signing some that we've taught her) our hearts melts faster than a popsicle on a Mississippi July!

I've failed to introduce you to someone & I feel it is appropriate to let you in on the story.  

Friends, Meet Ricky! 

For Macy's birthday in August, she got a hamster.  Yeah, I wasn't so fond of it but I have to admit Ricky has grown on me over the month.  After Macy got him, we asked the first question most people ask
"So what are you going to name him?"  You know our family is not the norm so when she said Ricky, we were kinda puzzled, but o.k.  But wait, we don't know a Ricky so where did that come from?  So again, we ask the next normal question 
"Why did you name him that?"  Well pals, the rodent was named after Ricky Bretherton.  Who, you may be wondering?  "You know Ricky as in Billy's brother." Macy would explain.  
Billy - who?  "You know Billy the Exterminator."  Oh my, yes, our daughter named her mouse-relative after an exterminator!

You see, Macy likes Billy.  I don't know why she didn't name her hamster Billy.  Maybe it would get too confusing knowing if she was talking about Billy the Exterminator or Billy the Hamster.  Why would one even wonder that?  I mean come on, if my daughter will name her pet rodent after an exterminator, nothing else really needs more explanation! 

We were so busy with getting home from China, school starting, blah, blah, blah that Macy didn't have a birthday party thrown by us like usual.  Some family got together, but not our typical birthday party.  Macy was fine with this.  However, earlier in the year when we asked her about her party, she always told us that she wanted a "Billy" Party.  What's that we'd ask?  "A cake with bugs, snakes, and all the animals that he (Billy) exterminates."  "Plates & napkins" as she continued explaining "would have Billy's picture on it." "For the theme (sometimes we do things as princess make-over, bounce-arounds, fingernails painted, bowling, etc) , Billy will be at the party."  Yes, I know only my child, but she will watch that show as long as I'll let her at a time!  I guess if she couldn't have a "Billy the Exterminator" party then we'd do the next best thing........get a rodent & name it after Billy's brother! 

I'm sure you can see that DaDa & Bubba REALLY have their hands full!  Colt says to me 
"Please mom, No more girls!  The next one has to be a boy!" 
I asked him "Do you not like your sisters?"
 He said "Yes, I love everyone of them, but 3 girls are enough to drive me crazy.   How am I gonna keep the boys off of 3?  At least get me back up before you adopt another girl!" 

I don't want to leave you in fear of our dilemma so....
I will reveal a quick glimpse of our superheros

Til our next stop at fighting for justice!

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