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Monday, September 19, 2011

If you love someone, you let them go. If they don’t return, they weren’t a Boomerang!

How many times how we heard the saying?  Well, it’s not exactly as mine, but you all know it.  If you love someone and let them go, but they don’t return was it REALLY Never meant to be?

You love your dog but live in an apartment.  You couldn’t provide the adequate room for it to run & play - would you give it away?  If you did and it didn’t return to you, was it never meant to be your pet?  Didn’t you let it go because you loved it and wanted better?   No, a dog isn’t someone but keep following my random thoughts.  Maybe there is some kind of point in here somewhere, but who knows with my gibberish. 

If you love (_____) and let it go, but it didn’t return. Was it never meant to be???

What about when I loved my grandmother/father, etc. and I had to let them go?  I think we can probably all agree that doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be.   For the 12 weeks, I carried my Landon and had to let him go, but I believe he was meant to be.  Even though I had to let them go, I still love them!  As much as it hurts, they will not return to me. 

My daughter’s mother had to let her go…..maybe she couldn’t afford to feed her, maybe she was forced by her parents, husband, etc. or had no choice for any unknown reason.  If my GiGi doesn’t return to her biological mother, was it never meant to be?  GiGi will always be my daughter, but I cannot deny the fact that she is only mine because her mother had to let her go.  Does that make me second best?  I hope not!

And I guess I’ve been studying too much Chinese:

The Invisible Red Thread 
"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." 
 -Ancient Chinese Proverb

I think that we have so many red threads, whether it is the pet you let go, the love you let go, the loved one that passed before us, the child we never met, or anything you wish to fill in the blank.   I think that we were supposed to cross paths with these people and that we are connected together.  No matter how tangled or far they go, we are still connected in some way. 

Have you ever thought about standing in God’s shoes and putting yourself in the blank? 
God:  I love (name).  He/she loves me and I let him/her go…………..
Do you think He ever thought about what would happen when He let us go and gave us free will?   God gives us all free will and has let each of us “go” to live our lives as we wish.  He could have made us puppets, but we have choices.  He didn’t let us go because He did not love us.  He sacrificed everything to be with us!  He let us go, but what we do is our choice!  He loves each of us and wants each of us to return to Him!  For the ones that chose not to return to Him, my heart breaks, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to!

When you love someone, you may need to let them go.  All will not return.  No matter if they return or not, you still love them.  If they don’t return, I believe you were supposed to meet – it was meant to be!  With some, you know they will never return to you.  With some, we may never know when or if paths may cross again.  With some, we may be privileged enough to visit even if they don’t return as we had hoped.  However, I believe the red sting will not break nor stop the love!

If you love someone, you let them go.   If they don’t return..................................  you still love them and want the best no matter how much it hurts, but to me that doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be!
Think about my rambling for a bit……what do you think?

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  1. ~This struck such a cord with me. Here we were considering another child, in addition to the our child we are committed to, and I almost swear this was God speaking directly to me...Its hard to hope but in the end it isn't about me...its about that little one. What God sees best for that one. I'll still love on and pray for this little one...it hurts but that will pass.~ Adoption is the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What a roller coaster.