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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Half-Christian Philosophy

I realize that this post should be much longer because it sorta touches on a subject that is hard to relay in a few sentences. Since Niki and I have started this journey, we have made mention that this was God's calling for us. It is our small way in which he can use us to make this place more like the kingdom in which was written about long ago than the state of affairs that confront us today. I have pondered a thought and tossed it around in my head for a long time. It has lead me to a conclusion that is difficult to express without upseting the apple cart, but in our (Niki and I) brief peroid of this journey, I have discovered that it is the people that you would expect the least from are the people that will support you the most. These are the people that don't have the financial means to give, but they do their best to help you. They don't mind letting you know that what you are doing is making the word a better place. They will tell you their stories that intertwine with the road you are on. They really get the concept of "love your neighbor as you love yourself". What amazes me is not that these people understand the foundation of Christiantiy, but they do so in a way that should make us "Church" folks ashamed. We get so rapped up in the dogmatic principles of the behavoir of Christians that we don't even realize that we are "playing house" with the Kingdom that Christ gave to us. We know the right scripture. We are sure that we have one for everything that we do to worship God, but we let the concept of serving the least among us fly right over our heads. So you tell me who is better off, or who is more pleasing to God. Is it the person that can cite every verse as to the proper worship on Sunday morning,but has no compassion for his fellow man (and I am talking about a compasion that acts and is not stangnant) or the person that might be ignorant of the "five acts of worship", but will open his heart to the lest of us? During this strange and stressful journey, I have met many folks. Some of whom I'm sure that have a much different take on the Holy Scriptures than I have. Some have lifestyles that are not in line with the Bible. Some don't even know that Christ died for us to set us free from sin. Some I'm not even really sure what they believe- much less what they do in their daily walks of life. But, there is definately a group of people out there that will help you when you need a lift. They stop on the side of the road when some one is in need. They interact with the "poorest" members of their congregation. They are the first in line to give whatever they have to someone who is is need. They understand the meaning of loving your neighbor as you love yourself. They see no distinction in the social classes. They are just there to help. These peope act like Christ, even though they don't even really know him. They have so little to give, but they give all. We often feel contempt for them because they live a life that contradicts our ideal, but they are the ones that will give of their time and money to help a cause they feel is worthy. Are they (in their sin) somehow supposed to be worse off than the person that does "the book, chaper, and verse" and pats you on the head and says that they hope everything works out for you in your struggle (and does nothing)? I can't really answer that question, but it seems that they are sorta on equal ground. Over the last few months, I have been a observer of people. I have made a conscience effort to pay attention to the world around me. I think that a situation which has been occuring the past few days will pretty much sumarize what I am hopeing to convey. A strange looking "homeless" man has been traveling hwy 45 for the past few days. He seems to make his way through here every year about this time. The other night, Niki and I stopped to talk to him and see if he needed anything. We only talked for a few, brief moments, but in that time period I came to the conclusion that he is probaly half crazy. It is the "uncrazy" side of him that got my attention. He said in essence that materialism distorts our view of Christianty to the point that we fool ourselves into believing we are following God when we are more concered with the toys of this world. In my observation of him over the past few couple of days I found that several people stopped to talk to him. I would suppose that they were trying to give him some food or money. Who knows? But the interesting thing to me was the "type" of people who stopped. I saw about 5 cars stop. None and I mean NONE of the people who stopped were driving cool, stylish vehicles. They were the people that really didn't seem,from all apperances, to have much to give. If you have lived outside of the rock for any length of time,you know the people that will stop to help. (In school) they are usually not the popluar kids. In adulthood, they are not the popular ones. The people that will help you are the ones that know what it means to need help. On our way home from the flea market this weekend, Niki and I were talking. She made a statement that I'm sure will stick with me forever. I believe what she said sums up what I have dicovered on our adoption journey. She stated that she would rather be busting her but at the fela market and scratchin for ever dollar and see the world for what it is than have financial weath and be oblivious to the real world around her. I couldn't have said it better. ~Phil

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