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Friday, August 5, 2011


O.k. we need some major prayers!  Yesterday right in the middle of the horrific storm, I get a call from our adoption agency.  They had a 'possible' referral for us; she said they weren't sure because the little girl was a little older (1 1/2) and that she had scoliosis (this was something we marked as we might be willing to take a child with this diagnosis). The reason we marked "might" is because we only have entrances to our home with many steps & any diagnosis that would affect lower extremities and possible mobility could be a potential problem with our house.  Ramps cannot not be built up the steps because they are very steep and the others are winding.  To get to the back, you also have to go up steps.  The only option is to have a drive way cut around our house and make a new entrance in the back.  I'm definitely not opposed to this, but with the fees of adoption, it's not an option we could afford to do for a long time.  We've talked to several people over the years about having this done, but they said it would cost a lot. {If you remember our steps are the reason our social worker couldn't visit until she got off crutches.}  Scoliosis has varying degrees of curvatures. I actually have scoliosis, but it doesn't really give me any problems because it is mild.  However, it can be much more sever and require multiple surgeries, braces, etc.  They also do not know if she has a tethered spinal cord and she is missing ribs.  Some of this might scare people to death, but none of the conditions scare me; ALL kids need love!  At the same time, we have to be able to provide the best care (and I believe that includes our dwelling).  We requested children with mild-moderate disabilities because we have 2 children already and hope to get 2 more in a single visit to China. 

My heart is so heavy and we are filled with so many emotions!  She is precious and I want her to be the right child, but did you hear that? "I"  More than what "I" want though is to adopt the child God has made for us!  And my mind races thinking "What will happen to her if we don't adopt her?"   This is a very stressful decision for us!  We have taken all the files/information to our doctor to look over and we hope she can give us a clearer picture of the severity and possible long term challenges.  I ask of all our faithful prayer warriors to pray for us and for this child!  We can always depend on you!  Much love to you all & I will let you know as soon as we hear something or decide something. Thank you in advance!  Blessings


  1. If this girl is one ment for you, HE will work out all problems. Yes she needs the love and care of a family and if you also have this condition, even if it is a much more mild condition, maybe God HAS prepared, not her for you, but you for her. Sounds like you already love her. May God Be With You to Guide You and to Bless You in what ever you do. And Never loose that love for these kids and NEVER take your eyes off God and HIS Guidance. May God Be With You.. PaPa Gordon

  2. Thank you so much PaPa G! You were all correct in your observations - she is our child! We did love her then and already love her more! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! They mean more than you could know! Please continue to follow our journey! Have a Blessed day!