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Sunday, April 21, 2013

1 month......

(This post was started on Friday so even though I'm easily confused I realize it's not still the 19th.  I am too lazy tonight to rewrite. lol)

Wow!  Where do I even start!  

I know we've made national news coverage and many of you have seen bits of our story though your local newspaper or through FaceBook. This was the date I had intended on typing an update for some time.  Why?  Well today is April 19 & we arrived back in the US from our last trip from China on March 19.  Yeap, one month ago!  It seems like so much longer to me that we have been a family of 6.

How are we doing?  How are we adjusting?  How is Guan Ya?  Honestly, we are all doing great!  Guan Ya is a 14 year old teenager and I could not expect her to be adjusting any better.  I do not just say that, but I honestly mean it!  The biggest problem we have in our home is that there are 3 girls and 1 boy.  Needless to say as most siblings, the girls tend to team up on their brother.  He is a little out numbers but loves to aggravate & the girls all love to tattle on him.  Sound like any other family you know?   Typical siblings! 

I've had many say - Isn't Guan Ya just so thankful that you got her out of the orphanage and gave her hope, love, & a future that she otherwise wouldn't have?  Listen, Guan Ya is a 14 year old teen! Were you grateful to your parents when you were that age or were you moody and thought your parents were crazy with no taste to fashion and just had no sense?  She is just like any other teen.  We do not treat her like a guest of the house with special privileged and she does not act like a guest of the house.  She rolls her eyes and gets mad and will not wear anything I think is cute just like any other teen.       

She is a sweet and wonderful daughter!  She has truly joined in the family & is showing love just as we love her.  Here is a card Guan Ya made for me that I shared on FaceBook and will share here if you missed

I am really sorry for not updating more often as I had intended on doing though out the entire process.  Truth is that I often feel I must guard my family.  Yes, it was our decision to bring out our adoption, the process, needs we had through adoption, & mountains and valleys.  However, since the very start of Guan Ya's adoption we have faced such scrutiny.  I do not regret for one second sharing and I knew this would not be an easy road.   If I made a list of all the people we have been reported to since September, all the nasty messages I've gotten or my friends/family have gotten many would think it was exaggerated.   We have had everything done properly and there has been no problems just extra hoops added.  There has NEVER been a question from a legal stand point or via any people that evaluates us.  Others that are not in these positions have felt it their need to report us for various things based on their own opinions of us adopting a deaf child and how we have felt it best to raise her thus far.   I do want you to know that I have gotten more protective about what information I give out about what/how/why we are doing things we do for Guan Ya.  I'm sorry for the majority of you that honestly care about us and Guan Ya and truly have a heart for knowing more about her.  I will continue to update but more information will come after time instead of while we are in the process.  However,  that is not what my post  is about; I really wanted you to know we are doing great!  I have been extremely busy the last month between many doctor appointments, building a stronger bond with Guan Ya, adjusting to life, speaking to classes, Easter, birthdays, taxes (not ever fun to me! ha) & much much more!

Speaking of taxes makes me think of Monday - when yes, I waited until the last day to do my taxes and I spent most of the day in the tax office.  As I was sitting in the office, I heard of the Boston marathon bombing immediately after it happened.  My heart just immediately dropped when I heard of causalities, fear and injuries!  I couldn't help but think of loved ones and how many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, friends had been effected by this senseless tragedy!  I was honestly sick to my stomach as I read the report and reports that continued to come in about the bombing.     

Today's post was always intended to update you on how things are going here but I cannot write without reflecting on all the tragedies (bombings,  ricin letters, explosion, & loss of lives) of the week.  I will end with a reminder that none of us are promised tomorrow or even another breath!  Remember we never know our time left on earth so give hugs to those that need them, love one another, don't let hate dwell in your heart with all the evil that has happened last week.  Live your life as if it was the last day & tell the ones you love how much you love them so there are no regrets!  If this was your last day, are you ready to leave this earth as everything is right now?

This is a picture I took over a year ago but I saw it as I was uploading the other pictures.
It reminds me of the many teardrops that have fallen last week due to the many that are heartbroken over things they have no control over! 

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